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Deluge folder permissions

Deluge folder permissions

Name: Deluge folder permissions

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I'm very new to Deluge; very familiar with torrents, been using uTorrent for a few years; and I'm a moderate linux user. I just a set up a raid5. 1) How can i change the default permission mask of deluge for files, and folders? I want to make files , and folders , so users across the. But despite this UMASK setting, when I do an ls -l on the download directory all folders have drwxr-xr-x instead of drwxrwxr-x. Can anyone.

This article will create a user and group named "deluge" that will run the deluge daemon and would need permissions for the deluge user on the USB folders. The way deluge works, is all controlled by a config file usually located at: "/home/$USER/.config/deluge/". I have a personal ubuntu server with deluge daemon/web for remote access download. I use the startup script from deluge wiki. The issue is that the original mounted drive was an NTFS formatted disk therefore the file permissions would default to root and in the.

Who needs to own the folder, deluge, www-data, mainuser or another group? What is the best way to structure permissions in these sorts of. Those permissions are inherited by the files in the shared folder, and there shouldn't be. So this is not a synology issue but a deluge issue. I have a master user xxx and I would like to give another user yyy read only permission to /home/xxx/torrents/rtorrent and. Hi, I've been running OSMC on a Pi3 alongside Deluge. Since the latest update deluge has lost permission to write to the folders that it uses.