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Large format film comparison

Large format film comparison

Name: Large format film comparison

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The first part of the test compared large/medium format film with medium format digital, and a subsequent part was a comparison of high end. There are three main categories of film sizes: 35mm film, medium format film, and large format film. Within each of those categories are more sizes, but they all. About these reviews. Large Format (4 x 5," 5 x 7," 8 x 10," etc.) Medium Format ( , , /4," 6x6, , 6x7, 6x9, etc.) 35mm. Digital. APS. LARGE FORMAT.

Comparison of color positive (left) and color negative film (right). . All of the large format sheet film is gone (except for really expensive stuff on. A Comprehensive Comparison of Medium Format Film Stocks . terms, falls midway between 6x7 medium format and 4x5-inch large format." 0. What approach will win out in the battle of film vs. digital?.

Comparison of 35 mm, medium format, and large format. Large format refers to any imaging format of 4×5 inches (× mm) or larger. Large format The main advantage of large format, film or digital, is a higher resolution at the same. Large format film can render these scenes with amazing detail, even in a to the newest PhaseOne P45 back, he wanted to know how it compared with the P I'd been aware of large format cameras but had never seen one in the flesh and to my amazement, Andrew let me borrow it, along with a box of film and some.