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Ie11 attribute

Ie11 attribute

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I have been using glamor to help build a medium sized application and when testing in IE and Edge I noticed a major performance issue when hovering over elements with the ':hover' pseudo-selector OR hovering over their parent element. Creating new rules with attribute selector. In my experience, IE11 is picky about [attr="value"] having double quotes around the value. In IE11 a scrollable element that contains a large DOM performs poorly when interacting with that elements scrollbar According to those issues the reason of the deadly bad performance were the attribute selectors in css files and that changing them to classes did help.

Supported (some prefix). IE 10, IE CSS Exclusions Level 1, Yes-ms-, Yes-ms-. CSS user-select: none, Yes-ms-, Yes-ms-. CSS touch-action property, Yes-ms-. I had trouble finding this from a Google search, so I thought I'd list the browser support for the HTML5 hidden attribute here. IE 11+ Chrome 6+. Global attributes or methods. hidden attribute. Yes ✓. Dynamic markup insertion. Yes ✓. outerHTML property. Yes ✓. insertAdjacentHTML function. Yes ✓.

The main reason CSS attribute selectors have been avoided up to this point is their complete lack of support in IE6. .. This works in IE Expected Behavior: Setting the focus on the textboxes, the dirty property does not change until something is typed. Actual behavior: As soon as the focus is set. Change the element's className attribute from the initial value to another value. Note that the element's appearance is changed according to the CSS styles;. Title-Attributes not working anymore. If we move the mouse pointer over it, the tooltip is not showing anymore. It is still working with IE11, but not.