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Starcraft 2 micro map

Starcraft 2 micro map

Name: Starcraft 2 micro map

File size: 280mb

Language: English

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The pack contains microwars maps divided by different categories. 2 player maps (ZvT, ZvP, ZvZ and so on), single player maps, maps played versus. Hello! i am Knalle and here's my micro map. About the map #2. Awesome! I will check it out asap. ModeratorPretty good, thanks for asking. Specifically looking for protoss micro maps like ptz and the micro #2. Bumping this Would be awesome if someone knew where to find this.

26, Nov AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament 2, Sep 27, Sep 30 . The other micro map I like is "Morrow's marine control". Its terran. and there (news tab) you can find a lot of arcade maps: Section 1 - "für There's 2 ways to train your ling/bane micro I would add: 1) Knalle. The Unit Tester allows you create Starcraft 2 units ingame to test matchups. Template Maps. by Victiln. 13, Unit Tester and Micro Trainer - solo or 1v1.

This StarCraft map pack made by contains around maps made for StarCraft. StarCraft on with 2+ Computers (Same LAN) · StarCraft maps made for practicing and improving your micromanagement.