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Extutils perl

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make perl. That produces To produce a perl binary with a different name than perl, either say. perl Makefile. make test - make install - PREFIX and LIB attribute - Using Attributes and. perlnewmod gives more information about how to write a module. There are modules to help you through the process of writing a module: ExtUtils:: ModuleMaker. ExtUtils::MakeMaker (EUMM) is object oriented. Each directory below the current directory that contains a is treated as a separate object. DESCRIPTION - make test - Static Linking of a new Perl - Determination of Perl.

ExtUtils::MakeMaker - Create a module Makefile named in the current directory and if it exists it execute the script with the proper set of perl -I options. NOTE: When ExtUtils::MM is loaded it chooses a superclass for MM from amongst the ExtUtils::MM_* modules based on the current operating system. DESCRIPTION - Module Installation - Module Writing - DESIGN. ExtUtils::MY is a subclass of ExtUtils::MM. Its provided in your for you to add and override MakeMaker functionality. It also provides a convenient.

ExtUtils::ParseXS will compile XS code into C code by embedding the constructs necessary to let C functions manipulate Perl values and creates the glue. Both install() and uninstall() are specific to the way ExtUtils::MakeMaker handles the installation and deinstallation of perl modules. They are not designed as. Perl module to make Makefiles and build modules (what backs - Perl-Toolchain-Gang/ExtUtils-MakeMaker. You need to create a file called, then you might want to tell what is the minimal version of perl this should run on by adding use ;.